After an aspiring congressman has left his wife for dead in their wrecked car, he finds out she’s still alive and must track her down in a desolated village while, due to his injury, every man and woman looks exactly like her. 
Hugo Keijzer's debut feature film Only You, currently in development.

When FrieslandCampina asked the producers and Hugo Keijzer to create a film that visualizes their corporate identity, no one expected This "Story of Milk" to become such a success, with more than a million views online. This original brandfilm was later used as startingpoint for a nationwide TV and cinema campaign. 

Science Can Change The World
All over this planet thousands of gifted men and women dedicate their lives to the believe that their innovation, their idea someday can change the world. Their journey is a lonely one, often filled with obstacles, struggle and failure. "Science Can Change The World" is a short film tribute to the unsung heroes of science by innovation company DSM. 

Prosopagnosia - Short of the Week on Vimeo
"Prosopagnosia is a straight-up mystery thriller, and it’s completely unapologetic about that fact. So, if you’re in the mood for that sort of experience you won’t be disappointed. It’s tightly constructed, gorgeously shot, and well-crafted, bolstered by strong, emotive performances."

The Dyneema Project
When a scientist accidentally discovered world's lightest and strongest fibre in 1963, he couldn't have imagined that it would change the world. This incredible ‘superhero' fibre has been used to create ultra strong ropes, bulletproof vests, Formula 1 seat belts, America’s Cup yacht sails and even medical kits. Now, after years of development the fibre is ready to be incorporated in fabrics- and will undoubtedly change the future of sportswear and apparel.