For Steam Amsterdam we produced three 360° videos for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. Visitors of the website can switch between the 360 videos to experience the same event from three different perspectives of a joint military operation to secure and clear a suspected terrorist IED Facility.

Client: Steam
Director: Hugo Keijzer
Creative: Cyril Chermin
RTV Producer: Cariola van Beek
Produced by our amazing Eve Anthony & the as amazing Daan Starrenburg
Art direction: Nathalie Veen
1st AD: Boris Apituley
Grip: Peter van Vugt
Light: Bart van Tunen
Production assistent: Guido Coppis, Nadir Soltane
Camera & edit by Peejee Doorduin, Sjors Ruijter
Grading: De Grot
Sound & music by Amp.Amsterdam
Photography: Stacey Yates