Feature Films

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Pyschological Thriller / Science Fiction — finished screenplay
Written by: Philip M. Howe & Hugo Keijzer
Producer: Maurice Schutte (NL)

When Danny survives a mysterious helicopter crash over Russia, she must try to escape the barren environment. But she is not alone. This project won the NAFF price at Sitges Pitch Box. A short prologue has been produced in 2019

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Based on true events — currently in development
Screenplay: John Weich & Miriam Kruishoop
Producer: Ellen Utrecht (US)

When an idealistic Dutch scientist tries to eradicate Africa's most debilitating disease, he learns that in the race to end malaria the mosquito isn’t his worst enemy.





Survivor Drama ( 1 season, 8 episodes) — in development
Written by: Sander Offenberg & Hugo Keijzer
Producer: The Guild (NL)

When an end-stage patient is given a chance to be cured, she has to agree to faking her death and leaving without saying goodbye, but then she discovers what was sold to her as a sanctuary of life is slowly turning into an covert prison where patients become lab rats, coerced by their own will to live.